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Hello hello and happy Monday!

I have had this button down and pair of denim bell-bottoms for over a year and have never thought of putting these two items together. Blogging has given me the opportunity to go through all my clothes and put items together I had never thought of piecing together before. I think that’s because I never allowed myself enough time to get ready and now so much more detail is going into what I wear every day! I’m also realizing how many items I actually own, as well as how many other things I really NEED.

Like I mentioned in my last post where you can find here, I had a very off week last week. I am hoping to make this a better one, so I am making myself go to hot yoga every single morning… as I should be doing already, but no better time to start than now! I’ve been going to Bfree yoga in Austin, but if anyone has any other suggestions on where to go, I’d love to hear it. Have a good week you guys!

Button-down Top // The Loft

Denim Bell-bottoms // Nordstrom BP

Fedora // Rio Ritz Boutique

Lace-up Heels // Rio Ritz Boutique

Brown Leather Purse // Fossil

xx AP
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