California Outtakes.

Cali Style

I have always been a city girl at heart, but maybe California has changed my mind? Totally kidding – but San Diego really is gorgeous! You can wear a Fall and Summer outfit in the SAME DAY. What girl doesn’t want that? I had so much fun playing with different outfits that I can’t wear in Texas during July.

The bag I’m carrying is everything. The details are amazing! What’s even more amazing is that I got it for 75% off (gasp). Apparently I headed to Zara at the right time when they were trying to get rid of everything to make room for the Fall collection, so everything was marked insanely down. I really had to have some self control and said no to basically a whole rack of cute clothes I definitely did not need! I was actually quite proud of myself. Although, there was a great leather bag that was originally $130 down to $35 and I passed it up! Kind of mad about that one. Moral of the story – watch out for those Zara “Let’s Get Rid of Everything” sales.

I have had a whirlwind of a month; from moving, to going out of town a bunch, and just a lot of transitioning, it’s been all over the place to say the least. With that being said, I am so happy to be home and get back to work on some exciting things to come that I can’t wait to announce to you guys. Thank you all for tuning in!


Cali Style Cali Style

Cali StyleSan Diego Sunset


Sweater // Target (similar, here)

Black Denim Shorts // Cotton On

Blue Denim Shorts // Urban Outfitters

Tennies // ASOS

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